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School General Information

School Fees

Monthly School Fees and Miscellaneous Fees By Nationality and Level
Nationality School Fees Standard miscellaneous fees 2nd-tier miscellaneous fees (*) Total fees charges
Singapore Citizen $5 $10 $10 $25
Singapore Permanent Resident (SPR) $200 $10 $10 $220
IS (ASEAN) $600$10 $10 $620
IS $950 $10 $10 $970


Formula for the total fees charges per month:

Total fees charges = school fees + standard miscellaneous fees + 2nd tier miscellaneous fees


*Students may apply to use their Edusave accounts to pay the second-tier miscellaneous fees. Please complete the Edusave Standing Order Form   which is available in MOE website and School General Office.


For payment of fees using GIRO, please download the GIRO Application Form . GIRO deduction is on the 26 th of each month from February to December. School fees for the month of January will be deducted only in February. Hence for February, the deduction will be for both January and February fees.

Please maintain sufficient funds in your bank account for GIRO deductions. If GIRO fails in one month, the balance will be carried forward to be deducted with the next month’s fees. The GIRO account will be suspended if it fails in the next month or have arrears exceeding 2 consecutive months’ fees.

Edusave Pupil Fund

Currently, all Singaporean students studying full-time in Governemnt or Government-aided school, an international school or institution will receive a yearly contribution of $240 for secondary level. The fund can be used for

  • enrichment programmes organised by school
  • 2nd-tier miscellaenous fees in government or government-aided school

    Withdrawal for enrichment programmes - School will issue a consent form for parents to authorise the withdrawal of funds from his/her child's  Edusave account to pay for enrichment programmes.


    Withdrawal for 2nd-tier miscellanoues - Please complete the form duly in ink and submit it to School General Office during office hours.

    School Services

    Type of Services/Products Name of Company Venue   Telephone Operating Hours
    Sales of Sec 1-5 Textbooks, Writing Materials, stationery   Casco Educational Supply Pte Ltd School Canteen Tel:  67483101  Fax: 67489139 7am to 3pm (during school days)
    Sales of Uniforms, PE Attire,  House T-shirts, School Tie  and Apron Shanghai School Uniforms Pte Ltd School bookshop Tel:  63522741 School uniforms are available for sale at the school bookshop during school terms and the supplier’s outlet at Bras Basah Complex.
    (Operating Days/Hours: Mon - Sat & From 10.30am to 6.30pm)

    Group Personal Accident (School)

    School has purchased a basic insurance plan for students to help to borne some medical costs arise from accidents occurred  within and outside school premise during school organized activities.  


    A copy of the policy coverage and benefits as well as claims procedure was attached in the monthly info sheet distributed to parents through the students. The claim form is  also available at this link and  in the  display stand outside General Office. In the event that  a claim arises, please ensure that the  claim form is duly completed and enclosed with the original receipts as any incomplete form will delay the processing of claims. 


    Please contact the insurance company  if you require clarification on the claim procedure/claimable amount/ claimable items or you may approach the school Office staff if you require their assistance to submit the claims to the insurance broker.