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Vision and Mission


Active Learners, Gracious Citizens

We strive to develop Deyians to become Self-directed learners who actively seek out knowledge and make meaning of their learning for themselves. They will take ownership of their own learning so that they can develop the attitude and attributes for life-long learning and cope with the challenges of the 21st century. They will show resilience and perseverance in their engagement in life-long learning.

We strive to nurture Deyians who can exercise self-leadership, civic mindedness, respect and acts of kindness as concerned citizens for the betterment of society. They will show appreciation for the arts and culture which is part of their holistic development as enriched individuals. They will manifest deep-rooted values through their (gracious) thoughts and actions and display a global outlook through their (gracious) tolerance and acceptance of diversity and differing perspectives.


Inspiring lives, Nurturing talents, Realising dreams

The mission statement clearly reflects our philosophy of education that every child is a gem and the teacher's role is to help each child unleash his potential and fulfill his dream.