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Principal's Message

Year 2022 marks 42nd year of the founding of Deyi Secondary School. It also marks the completion of our second year of piloting Full Subject Based Banding (FSBB). With Full SBB, we are moving towards a unified secondary education, with many subject bands, to better meet our students’ learning needs, without labels. This is part of the broader shift in our education system to recognize the strengths and interests of our students, to help them build their confidence and develop their intrinsic motivation to learn for life. In 2022, we will also see our first upper sec classes operating based on FSBB.

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We will continue to anchor our decision making on our values and the belief that everyone matters and can and want to learn. We are proud that Deyi is a safe and conducive place for learning and we will continue to enhance the environment and teaching and learning experiences for all. With our participation in Personalized Digital Learning Programme (PDLP), our students can look forward to more opportunities and experiences in self-directed learning in line with our vision of ‘Active Learners, Gracious Citizens”. Deyians will continue to be developed to be self-disciplined, civic-minded, respectful and empathetic. Our school curriculum and co-curriculum programmes will continue to be values-driven and future-focused, so that our students are equipped with the 21st Century Competencies (21 CC) and skills to be future-ready.

With PDLP, our students will be encouraged to explore a range of interests and read widely to broaden their horizons. They can continue to develop their passion in learning through the fortnightly SIL (Student Initiated Learning) afforded by Blended Learning (BL) Day. Our students will need to exercise discipline and be equipped with good decision making skills to navigate the increasingly complex world. With more frequent usage and exposure to social media, we also need our parents to lay down expectations and boundaries for social media use even with the deployment of DMA.

We will continue to depend on our caring and committed teachers in helping to unlock the potential of our students, by motivating them to be passionate about learning, and to have high aspirations and noble life goals for themselves. They will keep an open mind in nurturing and developing our students to be the best that they can be. Likewise, they will embrace life-long learning to deepen and enhance their competencies, as well as extend and develop their capacity as reflective practitioners in striving for excellence. Our teachers will strive to role model the values and competencies to prepare our students to be future-ready.

As our teachers are the key to unlocking our students’ potential, we will focus on building strong teacher student relationship (TSR). We will start the year right by organizing various level camps. Each camp focuses on building different skillsets and competencies and nurturing the attitude and mindset to be empowered as self-directed learners.

In addition, our Deyians must have a sense appreciation and consideration for others. With opportunities to have their voices heard while they work in teams to problem-solve and develop communication skills, we are certain that we can develop Deyians into citizens whom we can be proud of. We look forward to our students’ full participation in their educational journey to realize their dreams, undaunted by challenges and steadfast and resilient in their pursuit.

Mrs Lim Ai Poo
Deyi Secondary School