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Principal's Message

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In 2019, we will celebrate the 39th year of the founding of Deyi Secondary School. As Deyi’s 9th Principal, it is certainly a privilege to build upon the rich history and tradition to bring Deyi from strength to strength. The school's achievements in the Arts will continue to be sustained and built upon, so that Deyians will continue to be enriched by the enhancement of perception and accompanying skills and values that the experience of aesthetics affords.

To achieve the school Vision of 'Active Learners, Gracious Citizen', we will continue to nurture Deyians to be self-disciplined, civic-minded, respectful and caring. The school curriculum and co-curriculum programmes will continue to be values-driven and future-focused, so that our students are equipped with the 21st Century Competencies (21 CC) and skills to be future-ready. Deyians should also be imbued with a sense of resilience and a can-do spirit, so that they can face and overcome any situation with optimism, tenacity and resolve. In addition, Deyians should be curious and passionate about learning and strive to give their best.

Our efforts to improve and enhance our environment continues with the completion of Indoor Sports Hall. With more spaces for physical activities, students are encouraged to lead active and healthy lifestyles. Physical activities promote psychological well-being, boost self-esteem, reduce feeling of depressions; improve strengths and endurance to name a few. Other learning spaces such as the Learning Pagoda, Butterfly Garden, and Subject Murals invite learners to explore and learn. The success of our efforts is determined by our students’ participation and efforts. We hope our environment and positive tone will continue to inspire and encourage active learning among the students.

Our caring and committed teachers play key roles in unlocking the potential of our students, by motivating them to be passionate about learning, and to have high aspirations and noble life goals for themselves.  They will keep an open mind in nurturing and developing our students to be the best that they can be. Likewise, they will embrace life-long learning to deepen and enhance their competencies, as well as extend and develop their capacity as reflective practitioners in striving for excellence.

We will continue to anchor our decisions on our values and the belief that everyone matters and can learn. Deyi is a safe and conducive place for learning and we will continue to enhance the environment and teaching and learning experiences for all. We will continue to engage and work with our stakeholders to bring Deyi to greater heights.

“Education is the passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to those who prepare for it today.”
                                                                                                                                      Malcolm X

“Develop a passion for learning, if you do, you will never cease to grow.”
                                                                                Anthony J. D’ Angelo

Mrs Lim Ai Poo