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2022 Innergy Bronze Award

The Innergy Bronze project titled “Using e-Pedagogy to Enhance Student’s Quality of Learning in Geographical Investigation” was conceptualised by the team, as a part of a Professional Learning Communities (PLC) Project in 2021. This was an ongoing project spanning across a year.

The team wanted to explore how the affordance of e-Pedagogy such as ArcGIS and SLS can be used to enhance: 

  1. the teaching and of Geographical Investigation (GI) and

  2. students’ quality of learning in terms of student’s spatial thinking and analysis. 

This e-pedagogical innovation uses ArcGIS to facilitate students’ collaborative efforts to collect weather data from 4 identified locations from around the school (i.e. the futsal court, driveway, school field and quadrangle) and present the consolidated data on a base map of the school. This helped students in the spatial visualisation of data and to make sense of spatial patterns observed.

Innergy Awardees 2022_.jpeg
Congratulations to the PLC team led by Mr Lim Jun Yu, with team members Mr Tan Yoke Jun Aloysius, Ms Lee Su-Min Jeanette, Ms Tan Boon Yen, Mr Freddy Goh and Ms Wong Kai Ping Eleanor, for winning the 2022 Innergy Bronze Award!


Vanda Miss Joaquim Award 2019

vanda award 2018.png

We are proud to announce that Deyi Secondary has again achieved the “Vanda Miss Joaquim Award” 2019 for a second consecutive year.  We will continue to strive in our green efforts and achieve the “Vanda Miss Joaquim” award for a third time.


Innergy Award 2018

Mi-ke-mon Journalism ALP Bronze 

Innergy Bronze Award.JPG

The Innergy (Schools) Awards are given out to recognise school-based innovations in the education service. In 2018, Deyi's Applied Learning Programme (ALP) in Broadcast Journalism received the Bronze Innergy Award and our Augmented Reality Mi-ke-mon journalism Trail App was featured in MOE's video 'Have You Ever?" (accessible on YouTube). The ALP team shared our game-based innovation and the wider ALP Journalism curriculum at ExCEL Fest with members of our fraternity.

Vanda Miss Joaquim Award 2018

vanda award 2018.png
In 2018, the Singapore Environment Council changed the award structure with a more challenging assessment criteria that focuses on community environmental outreach by students and the highest award, Vanda Miss Joaquim Award, is achieved by schools with an overall score of more than 90%. We are proud to announce that Deyi Secondary has attained the Vanda Miss Joaquim Award in 2018. Thank you for the support and let’s continue to work together to maintain Deyi Secondary as a Green school.


Lotus Sustained Achievement Award 2017

lotus achievement 2017.jpg

Deyi Secondary attained the Lotus Sustained Achievement award in 2017 after attaining 3 consecutive years of Lotus Award. Content


National Arts Education Award 2015 to 2019


Deyi Secondary School is awarded the National Arts Education Award (Blaze) in 2015. This award is presented on an annual basis, in recognition of schools that provide opportunities to students to be involved and excel in the arts.


Lotus Sustained Achievement Award 2015

lotus achievement 2017.jpg

Deyi Secondary achieved its third consecutive Lotus Award in 2015 and for the achievement the school was awarded the Lotus Sustained Achievement Award. Deyi carried out school environmental projects and participated in environmental education activities in partnership with external organisations and the neighboring community to promote Singapore’s sustainability    



To better engage students, the Character and Citizenship Department in Deyi Secondary school initiated the ‘SEL Through Sports’ program. The process of acquiring a sports skill provides an excellent experiential learning platform for the inculcation of values and acquisition of social emotional competencies through authentic, teachable moments. A combination of approaches through experiential learning and teachable moments allows teachers to make use of meaningful contexts to frame social emotional learning for students. 


The SEC-StarHub School Green Awards (SGA) encourages students to take part in a holistic approach to raise environmental awareness within communities and organisations. 
Deyi Secondary School has received the Lotus Award for the past two consecutive years (2013 & 2014). This is in recognition of sustained efforts to encourage students to take on greater ownership in environmental activities and management.