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Green Club

‘Greening our future’

The Green Club aims to inculcate in its members a sense of love and appreciation for the natural environment that sustains the life of all beings universally as Nature holds the key to our aesthetic, intellectual, and cognitive satisfaction. We hope to achieve this by providing our members with a range of enriching activities that will raise their awareness and concern on environmental issues and events in the school and community. This also creates opportunities for members to cherish Nature and to foster its renewal ensuring its survival. In the process, we hope to make a positive difference for the environment, to advocate an environmentally sustainable lifestyle.

Mr Tan Jin Poh (OIC)
Mrs Gnanam (AIC)
Mrs Joanne Gan
Miss Tan Shu Fang Vion (TSO)
Mdm Hoo See Wai (TSO)

Weekly Schedule:
Every Tuesday 3.30 pm – 5.00 pm

Achievement and Highlights
36 students from Green Club participated in the ViaRT Award ( a Children’s Recycled Art Competition) in 2020.