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Table Tennis

‘You are your only limit’

Table Tennis is a new co-curricular activity of the school. It aims to nurture students to become players that are self-confident, determined and resilient in character. Not only that, it aims to develop students holistically to exhibit good sportsmanship and team spirit.

Our students are trained with the required skills and footwork under the guidance of a dedicated coach and this would enable them to compete at the inter-school tournaments. Students can also look forward to participating in friendly matches and sports camps organised at the school level too.

Ms Jeanette Lee (OIC)
Miss Lee Jingjin(AIC)
Miss Geraldene Boey
Mr Tong Yechuan

Weekly Schedule:
Every Tuesday and Thursday 3.30 pm – 5.30 pm

Achievements and Highlights:
  • North Zone C Division Table Tennis Competition C Division Girls - 4th Placing