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National Police Cadet Corps

"Here in the National Police Cadet Corps, I feel that we are expanding our knowledge every training by stepping out of our comfort zone and pushing our boundaries. Through this, we learn resilience, courage and to adapt along the way, I feel that this is useful as these are skills that we need in the future. I appreciate the emphasis on these values and with guidance from our Instructors and Teacher Officers, it helps us be better people with good character.

I am glad that I joined this CCA as I have met a unique group of people that I work well with and will remember for life. I will forever treasure the memories, skills, and lessons taught to me. Despite a plethora of CCAs to choose from, I cannot imagine myself in another CCA but NPCC."

  Ang Yu Heng (2GC)


Deyi NPCC Unit aims to train cadets to be responsible and caring citizens, in alignment with MOE’s Student Outcomes. As such, cadets participate in annual Values-in-Action programmes such as the Community Safety and Security Project and Police Youth Ambassador Project to reach out to the community, enabling them to become Concerned Citizens and Active Contributors. In addition, meaningful activities/courses like Standard First Aid, Kayaking, Cadet Leader Camp are conducted for the cadets to learn life skills and develop their leadership potential so as to become Confident Persons. To enhance and enrich cadets’ experience with Deyi NPCC Unit, courses, educational visits and attachments will also be organised over the span of their secondary school years. These include courses like Civil Defence, Police Knowledge, Crime Scene Investigation, Anti-Narcotics, Road Safety, as well as visits to the Neighbourhood Police Centre, Police Heritage Centre, K9 Unit, Police Coast Guard Unit and Criminal Investigation Department. With integrity, care, diligence, discipline, determination and dedication, Deyi NPCC Unit had been awarded the 13th consecutive year Gold Award for the annual Unit Overall Proficiency Award from the years 2009 – 2021.

Mr Tan Je Wei (OIC)
Ms Teo Chong Ming (AIC)
Mdm Siti Farhanah
Miss Joyce Yee
Mr Derek Lim

Weekly Schedule:
Every Tuesday and Thursday 2.45 pm – 5.45 pm

Achievements and Highlights:

  • SPF-NPCC Badge Awardees 2022
    • SI (NPCC) Sean Ethan Cheo Wei Jet (405)
  • Best Unit Cadet Awardees 2022
    • SSgt (NPCC) Ng Kar Suen Nichelle (401)
    • Sgt (NPCC) Tay Kaiqing Wisely (401)
  • Area NPCC Knowledge Quiz Competition 2022 - 1st Position
  • Area NPCC Campcraft Quiz Competition 2022 - 1st Position
  • Area NPCC Npaire Quiz Competition 2022 - 2nd Position
  • Area Scavenger Hunt Competition 2022 - 3rd Position
  • Unit Overall Proficiency Award 2021 - GOLD
  • SPF-NPCC Badge Awardees 2021
    • SI (NPCC) Choo Jun Qi Jacques (404)
  • Best Unit Cadet Awardees 2021
    • SI (NPCC) Choo Jun Qi Jacques (404)
    • SSgt (NPCC) Nur Humaira Binte Yusof (401)
  • Area NPCC Npaire Quiz Competition 2021 - 3rd Position
  • Unit Overall Proficiency Award 2020 - SUSPENDED
  • SPF-NPCC Badge Awardees 2020
    • SSgt (NPCC) Cheryl Seng Zhi Yi (403)
  • Best Unit Cadet Awardees 2020
    • SI (NPCC) Damus Neo Zhi Xuan (401)
    • SSgt (NPCC) Sandy Tan Zhi Mei (403)
  • Unit Overall Proficiency Award 2019 - GOLD
  • SPF-NPCC Badge Awardees 2019
    • SSgt (NPCC) Yap Li Ying (407)
  • Best Unit Cadet Awardees 2019
    • SSgt (NPCC) Sandoval Ahren Pantoja (403)
    • SSgt (NPCC) Chin Si Yu (405)
  • Annual 38 Shooting Competition (Preliminary ) 2019 - 2nd Runner up in Male Cadet Inspector Team
    • Yeo Si Jie
  • Biannual Inter-Unit Drill Competition Finals 2019 - National 9th Position
  • Area Darts Competition 2019 - 3rd Position