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Art Club

The Art Club is built on a commitment to foster and inspire the young and talented artists.  Art Club provides various avenues and platforms for the holistic development of students with a common interest in Art. Students are engaged through the different art forms such as Batik, Ceramics, Painting, Digital Art, and High Art fashion to achieve the overarching objectives of lifelong learning and character building. This mix of traditional and non-traditional mediums allow our students to express themselves freely and expand their creativity and resourcefulness. Students in Art Club are exposed to different art styles, artists and art movements through visits to art galleries and museums whenever possible to increase students’ appreciation and awareness of Art.

Mdm Juditha Rajoo (OIC)
Miss Carol Chong (AIC)
Miss Ng Joo Siah

Weekly Schedule:
Every Tuesday and Thursday 3.00 pm – 5.30 pm

Achievements and Highlights:
  • The artwork titled “Taken Over” by Kang Kiat Wai was selected and exhibited in Singapore Youth Festival 2018 Art Exhibition