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Deyi Choir is a SAB choir with a current strength of 36 members. Choir aims to inculcate a strong sense of responsibility, camaraderie, discipline, and passion for singing among its members. The choir held its biennial choir concert series ‘Joyeux III’ at the Arts House this year. They also performed in various schools events such as CCA orientation concert, Deyi Arts Fiesta and National Day Concert. They have performed in various community projects such as Passion Arts Festival and opening of Seletar Bus depot concert. Choir hopes to share our music through the passion for singing and bring joy to all.

Mdm Ng Hwei Sung (OIC)
Ms Harinder Kaur Dollie (AIC)
Ms Xu Sihui

Weekly Schedule:
Every Tuesday and Thursday at 3.00 pm – 6.00 pm

Achievements and Highlights
Attained the certificate of Accomplishment at the Singapore Youth Festival Arts Presentation 2017
  • In-house Production Choir Concert series “Joyeux III” 2018.
  • Performed at Voices of Singapore Festival at CHIJMES Hall 2017
  • Performed at the school’s CCA Orientation Day, National Day, Homecoming Day.
  • Performed at Opening of Seletar Bus Depot, Passion Arts Festival.
  • Singapore Youth Festival Choir Presentation 2019  – Certificate of Accomplishment