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Drama Club

Drama, as an art form, transcends all barriers of race, culture and language.
Deyi English Drama Club has had many precious memories to experience this diversity in our craft as we explore the human condition in our dramatic works. Our members took part in the much awaited.

Students were given the opportunity to broaden their horizons, experience a variety of theatre forms ranging from Forum Theatre to Shakespearean sonnets. Other than taking part in school programmes and concerts, The English Drama Club has performed to a public audience for events like ‘SYF Celebrations in the Community- Let’s Play@ Jurong Regional Library’ and Fairytale Trails @ Esplanade. The competitions that spurred the club to learn from the community and included ‘Ten in a Bag’ organised by Singapore Drama Educator’s Association and the acclaimed Singapore Youth Festival where we devised an original script entitled ‘Ephemeral’ for the last performance in 2017. Another memorable experience would be mastering the songs and dance for a performance of the musical ‘Matilda’ at the library for a public audience.

These meaningful opportunities to showcase as well as cultivate one’s skills as actors and actresses mean a lot to the members of the club. In the varied roles and personas that we assume, both on and off the stage, the language used to portray and empathise with the human condition is a universal one. Embracing this fact, Deyi English Drama Club would like to continue embarking on the journey to discover more characters and chart more possibilities to play on stage.

Miss Lim Xiu Yun (OIC)
Miss Nurain (AIC)
Miss Anita Set

Weekly Schedule:
Every Tuesday and Thursday 3.00 pm – 6.00 pm

Achievements and Highlights
  • SYF 2018 Celebrations: Play! @ the library
  • Performed DEYI- xcellance at Jurong Regional Library – Award “Best Ensemble Award”