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Movement & Dance and Wushu

The Movement and Dance Club offers students a platform to develop values such as discipline, determination and self-confidence. Through the CCA, students also learn to carry themselves with elegance and poise, as well as to embrace an appreciation for the arts in the areas of music, movement and dance.

In 2018, the Wushu Boys team was established as a branch of the Movement and Dance Club to preserve and promote the cultural art form. Through the practice of traditional Chinese martial arts, students are exposed to and learn a wide range of movements and techniques, such as 拳术 (fists),剑术 (sword) and 棍术 (long staff). This competitive sport builds our students up physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

Aside from school performances and the SYF competitions, our Movement and Dance Club and Wushu Boys team also work actively with external organisations to stage performances such as the ASEAN Chairmanship Launch Event @ Bishan-AMK Park, RELC 50th Anniversary International Conference and the Seletar Bus Depot Open House.

Mrs Lee Boon Jer (OIC)
Mdm Wee Wan Eng (AIC)
Mdm Jainul Banu
Miss Chen Ying Charlene
Ms Lim Eng Choo

Weekly Schedule:
Every Tuesday and Thursday 3.00 pm – 6.00 pm

Achievements and Highlights:
  • Singapore Youth Festival International Dance Category (Distinction)
  • Singapore Youth Festival Chinese Dance Category (Distinction)
  • Public engagement performance at adopted bus interchange (NEX)
  • Performance at ASEAN Launch event at Bishan Park
  • CCA Carnival Performing Arts Concert
  • Seletar Bus Depot Open House
  • Dance Extravaganza at Dance Ensemble
  • SEAMEO RELC 53rd International Conference
  • Ministerial Farewell Dinner •Beyond Movement Youth Dance Camp