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Character and Citizenship Education

The differentiated VIA programme in 2019 saw our Deyians actively engaged in contributing to the community and learning from the experience at the same time.

This year, the Sec 1s, in collaboration with the Art Department, expressed the school values of Integrity, Care, Discipline, Dedication, Determination and Diligence through the 'Values in Art' Programme. Each value are designed into a badge and painted on acrylic boards and selected designs are exhibited in the school foyer.

The Sec 2s and 3s partnered welfare organisations such as HCA Hospice Care, Bishan Home, NTUC Health Nursing Home, TOUCH Community and SANA to bring joy to the residents and beneficiaries of these organisations. They planned and organised activities such as home cleaning, games and performances at the various organisations and had a whale of fun while doing their bit for the community.

The Sec 4s worked with our partner Volunteer Welfare Organisation (VWO), Food From The Heart, where Deyians collected foodstuff that were donated by our residents in the neighbourhood. They then sorted the donated foodstuff and the VWO distributed them to the needy families. They also took the opportunity to share anti-dengue messages and collaterals from NEA with the residents, thereby doing their bit in the fight against dengue.

On our Annual Serve Day Carnival, Deyians came together to raise fund for our beneficiaries through the variety of games, products and experience booths they set up. With the concerned effort by all stakeholders of the school, we managed to raise more than $16000 and all proceeds were donated to NKF, HCA Hospice and Touch Community.

Our Education and Career Guidance (ECG) efforts saw our students engaged in exploring their post-secondary school options and interests in our annual Career Day. This year, we were glad to have our ex-Deyian, Melvin Shun, as the keynote speaker. He shared his journey and the challenges he had to overcome as a Normal Technical student to pursue his dream of being a certified accountant. Various ECG learning journeys were also organised this year so that our students can make informed choices when choosing their post-secondary options.

In Deyi, we believe that values are both caught and taught. Thus, besides the CCE lessons and VIA activities, the Slice of Life and National Education (NE) Nuggets have become a weekly affair, held during every Monday morning assembly. Through the Slice of Life, our teachers shared life experiences and the lessons distilled from them. The NE Nuggets engaged our students with bite-sized facts and perspectives on issues surrounding both local and global events. This programme aims to help our students to be in touch with contemporary issues and reflect on their roles as concerned citizens.


1st row from left to right:
Mrs Joanne Gan, Miss Fong Mei Yi, Ms Ho Su Hwei, Miss Foo Toye June, Mr Neo Say Chuan, Mr Jay Loh Kar Wai, Mrs Cheam Lian Tee

2nd row from left to right:
Mr Daniel Pflug, Miss Kiran Shukbir, Miss Geraldene Boey, Mdm Kavitha Kanniah, Miss Kasthuri Do Raju

3rd row from left to right:
Mr M. Ravinthran, Mdm Saliha Parveen Bte Mohd Ismail, Ms Chew Soo Qing, Miss Nur’ain Bte Abidin

4th row from left to right:
Mr Chang Seow Kuen, Miss Eleanor Wong Kai Ping, Miss Eileen Tan, Ms Lee Li Li Shirley, Miss Pua Jia Ying, Mr Derek Lim Liang Hao

5th row from left to right:
Mr Chen Yizhou, Ms Thambusamy Gayathiri