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Character and Citizenship Education

Character and Citizenship Education (CCE) is at the heart of education in Singapore. Through our CCE lessons and student development experiences, Deyians learn values, social-emotional competencies, and develop character and citizenship dispositions that enable them to grow holistically and learn for life. 


Through CCE, Deyians learn to be responsible to family and community, and understand their roles in shaping the future of our nation, by exploring their Identity, their Relationships with the people around them and the Choices they make. 


Our school-based CCE programmes aim to develop our Deyians as Active Learners and Gracious Citizens, by inculcating values and helping them develop competencies for the 21st century. 


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MOE 21st Century Competencies Framework

In our weekly CCE lessons, Deyians explore these ideas contextualised in the areas of National Education, Mental Health, Education and Career Guidance, Cyber Wellness Education, Sexuality Education and Family Education.

The presentation of the students’ NRICs by their Form Teachers. The NRICs were presented in card holders that also acted as pledge cards for the students to pen down their commitments towards building a Stronger Singapore Together.