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Character and Citizenship Education

2020 has been an exciting and challenging year for Character and Citizenship Education of our Deyians. The COVID-19 pandemic disrupted most of our plans and we had to cancel the annual Serve Carnival in view of the SMM measures and several learning journeys in the areas of Education can Career Guidance (ECG) and Values-In-Action (VIA). However, the pandemic also presented us with many teachable moments which we capitalise on to deliver a meaningful and rich learning CCE learning experience. 

In the area of ECG, we continued to provide targeted programmes to support our students’ development. We conducted briefings for post-secondary options for the Sec 4 and 5 classes, streaming talks for Sec 2 classes and interview workshops using e-conferencing platforms.

In the area of VIA, we focussed the students’ attention to contributions of the various essential workers in the community and provided a service learning programme for the Sec 1 and 2 classes where they learned how to make tote bags and shrink-art keychains for the front line workers. The Sec 3 classes continued to engage the old folks in NTUC nursing homes via the new Video-Pal programme whereby the students and the old folks interacted with recorded videos. The Sec 4 and 5 classes took charge of Deyi’s internal food donation drive and the foodstuff donated was distributed to the needy families via our VWO partner Food From The Heart.

COVID-19 has been an unprecedented and testing time for many of our students. The increased isolation and the stress of the situation may have weighed heavily on our students’ mental health. In Deyi, we took this challenge as an opportunity to remind our students of the importance of, and build up, their resilience through CCE/NE activities.

Students were encouraged to share uplifting messages to boost the morale of fellow SIngaporeans that were featured in the Deyi NE website.

The presentation of the students’ NRICs by their Form Teachers. The NRICs were presented in card holders that also acted as pledge cards for the students to pen down their commitments towards building a Stronger Singapore Together.