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Cyber Wellness


Cyber Wellness (CW) in CCE focuses on the well-being of our students as they navigate cyberspace. The CW curriculum aims to equip students with the knowledge and skills to harness the power of ICT for positive purposes, maintain a positive presence in cyberspace and be safe and responsible users of ICT.

Key Messages

These are the key messages which students will understand through CW education in CCE:

  1. Embrace the affordances of technology while maintaining a balanced lifestyle between offline and online activities
  2. Be a safe and responsible user of technology and maintain a positive online presence
  3. Be responsible for personal well-being in the cyberspace

Broad Overview of CW Coverage in CCE Lessons

Cyber Use

  • maintain a healthy balance of their online and offline activities (i.e. excessive use of technology)

Cyber Identity

  • develop a healthy online identity
  • express oneself online appropriately to be authentic and achieve congruence between online and offline identity

Cyber Relationships

  • develop safe, respectful, and meaningful online relationships (e.g. address cyber bullying, build positive relationships)

Cyber Citizenship

  • understand the cyber world and make informed choices about participation in online activities (e.g. accessing online content with malicious intent/inappropriate websites with content that is violent, sexual or harmful in nature)
  • recognise and protect oneself and others from online risks associated with people who may have malicious intent (e.g. hackers, scammers, online predators)
  • have a positive presence in the cyber community and be a positive influence

Cyber Ethics

  • create and share online content in a responsible manner (e.g. not sharing content from questionable sources and not propagating deliberate online falsehoods)
  • respect copyright