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Teacher Empowerment

Every Teacher, A CCE Teacher

In Deyi Secondary, our teachers are given opportunities to learn with one another, and from teacher leaders who model sound CCE practices and mentor them for professional growth. Teachers are given time and opportunities to critically reflect on CCE, and find ways to transform and deliver learning experiences. 

We have professional development sessions for CCE teachers focused on Growth Mindset and Facilitation of Contemporary Issues. Time is also set aside for teachers to look at the new CCE 2021 lessons and collectively brainstorm ideas on how the new CCE 2021 lessons can be enacted with students in a Full SBB class.

We have four Specialised CCE Teachers who are specially trained to co-facilitate teaching of complex topics with Form Teachers as well as lead in school-based learning community discussions.

Our Specialised CCE Teachers are:

  • Mr Daniel Pflug

  • Miss Eileen Tan

  • Mr Koh Yu Han 

  • Miss Nur'ain Bte Abidin