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Craft & Technology

Innovative and Enterprising Deyians

To groom Deyians to be focused and determined in realising their potential through a variety of platforms to make learning relevant and fun.

Our Department Philosophy
In Deyi, our Craft and Technology department comprises of Art, Design and Technology, Music and Nutrition and Food Science. The department aims to prepare our students for a balanced and quality lifestyle, developing their critical and creative thinking skills, their appreciation for Arts and design awareness, and making informed food and consumer choices that will help promote a healthy living and lifestyle. Through the focus on experiential learning in the diverse process of artistic creation, the Craft and Technology department crafted our programmes to enhance the students’ 21st century competencies of self-awareness, self-management, social awareness and relationship management.

Our Curriculum
To inculcate an inquiring mind for our students and develops their self-confidence to solve problems creatively, with an appreciation of the visual arts at different platforms. The curriculum provides opportunities for the students to express their ideas, thoughts and feelings through different visual and tactile mediums.

Design and Technology:
To develop our students with the ability to solve real-life issues through empathy where they are able to generalise creative and innovative ideas. The curriculum will equip students with the Design Thinking Skills in ideation and development; traditional and digital sketching skills; 3D design and prototyping skills; and technological skills to handle common tools and equipment.

Nutrition and Food Science (Food and Consumer Education / Food and Nutrition): 
To equip our students with the knowledge about issues on food, health and nutrition so that they will learn to be appreciative about the diversity of food in different cultures. The curriculum will enable and engage students in making informed decisions and apply the right principles on food management, effective resource management and understanding the basics of consumer rights.

General Music Programme: 
To develop our students in music appreciation and provide the platform for them to experience critical inquiry through music making. The curriculum provides students with informal practices where they are given the opportunity to mirror the way popular musicians learn and from there, developing the joy of learning on their own using online resources.

Key Programmes
  1. Aesthetic Assembly
  2. Aesthetic Post Exam (Art, Music & Dance)
  3. Lower Secondary Ceramic Programme
  4. Museum-based Learning
  5. Lunchtime Concert (Jam Band)
  6. Arts Fiesta
  7. Arts Hour