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English Language

Learning how to learn.

To equip students with the necessary skills to help them cope with the every-changing English Language demands and stay relevant in the 21st Century.

The English Department comprises 3 complementary subjects English Language, Literature and GCE O Drama that build confident communicators in the spoken and written modes. We believe that students must create multimodal Writing and Representing digital artefacts hence the in-curriculum Applied Learning journalism modules that the EL teachers anchor, including the integrated SkillsFuture and Student Learning Space careers infographics, engaging photo essays and digital postcards, and social issues videos that explore pertinent perspectives in today’s society.

Similar to English, for Literature and Drama, appreciating stories and texts help our students understand and analyse literary and dramatic techniques. Our teachers make these critical skills come alive in the classroom through authentic tasks and scenarios employing strategies like metacognition, inquiry through dialogue, thinking-aloud and performing. Our teachers’ ongoing work to deepen their pedagogy has seen us being featured at various MOE EL and Drama platforms including the Educational Support Branch Conference, MOE Arts Conference, MOE/AST Metacognition Seminar, N6 and S7 Cluster Sharing Sessions, in an MOE/ELIS SkillsFuture for Educators video and a CPDD EL feature article.