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English Language

The English Department comprises 3 complementary subjects English Language (value-added in 2020’s GCE NT, NA & O-Levels), Literature and GCE O-Level Drama, that build confident communicators in the written, spoken and performative modes. We believe in 21st century ways of compelling communication e.g., multimodal Writing and Representing digital artefacts, hence the in-curriculum Applied Learning journalism modules that the EL teachers anchor including photo essays, infographics and social issues videos that explore pertinent perspectives in today’s society.

Similar to English, for Literature and Drama, appreciating fiction and poetry alongside dramatic texts help our students understand and analyse literary and dramatic techniques.  Our teachers make these critical skills come alive in the classroom through authentic tasks and scenarios employing strategies like metacognition, inquiry through dialogue, thinking-aloud and performing. Our teachers’ ongoing work with the English Language Institute of Singapore (MOE/ELIS) to deepen their pedagogy as we implement the new EL Syllabus 2020 has culminated in sharing at both cluster and national levels.

MOE_ELIS_Video on D.I. in Large EL classrooms 2.jpegMOE_ELIS_Video_Post Lesson FGDs with students 1.jpeg