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Students appreciative of a changing world, past and present

To engage students in an innovative teaching and learning environment


To foster critical thinking skills, we adopt an inquiry-based learning approach in our teaching of the Humanities.

The approach consists of 4 main areas of inquiry:
  • Sparking Curiosity
  • Gathering Data
  • Reflective Thinking
  • Exercise Reasoning

To actively engage our students in the inquiry process, Geographical Investigations (GI) and Historical Investigations (HI) of formulating hypothesis, collecting and analysing data and reflection are integral part of our pedagogy. In addition, local and oversea learning journeys (cultural immersion) are also organised to promote authentic and experiential learning.

Learning Journeys organised:
  • Bishan Park ABC Water Trail for Sec. 2 students.
  • GI Fieldwork on coast at ECP for Sec. 3 Pure Geog. students.
  • GI Fieldwork on tourism at Chinatown for Sec. 4 Elective and Pure Geog. students
  • GI Fieldwork on weather and climate within school compound for Sec. 3 Elective students.
  • Marine Conservation Experience on board the yacht MY ASEAN LADY hosted by the International Seakeepers Society Floating Classroom.
  • iHT Trail for NT classes
  • iHT Trail for Sec.
  • iHT Trail for Sec. 2
  • 2020 : Teacher-designed virtual Learning Journeys on SLS based on the Fieldwork and Learning Journeys above

Deyians are also given opportunities to participate in the following competitions:
  • NUS Geography Challenge
  • MOE History Challenge
  • Historical Scene Investigation Challenge 2020 by NLB