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To nurture Passionate Learners, Creative Thinkers and Effective Problem Solvers

Exploring new Angles through Mathematics

The Mathematics Department plans for learning opportunities where students can appreciate the relevance of math in real-world situations. For example, to broaden students’ learning experiences and foster students’ interest in the subject, the Secondary 2 students are challenged to design Math games, culminating in a game carnival for their peers.

There were opportunities for Secondary 1 students to stretch their learning. Our students participated in the Learning Festivals Activities such as Scratch Coding and Logic Games Competition. These activities helped students to strengthen their logical thinking and problem solving skills. They also extended students’ learning in class such as the topic on Number Pattern in a different environment through a different experience.

This year, our students embarked on a Financial Literacy Youth Series Programme. The Secondary 1 students learnt about the importance of saving while the Secondary 2 students learnt about the importance of budgeting. The Secondary 3 students had the opportunity to catch a glimpse of their post-secondary pathways and careers.

The Secondary 3, 4 and 5 students went through a Digital Literacy Programme which equipped them with skills for the Digitalisation Industry. They learnt programming and data analytics skills.

For Principles of Accounts, the focus was on the use of gamification and employing real-life scenarios to increase students' engagement and motivation in the learning of the subject. 

The achievements are :

1st Runner Up for Build Your Own Business Game (BYOB) Competition 2021 - organised by Republic Polytechnic.

14th position for Individual Award - (Lower Secondary Normal Technical Category) for All Singapore Secondary Mathematics Competition for Normal Course Students 2021 organised by Clementi Town Secondary School.

1st, 2nd and 3rd position for Build Your Own Business Game (BYOB) Competition 2019 - organised by Republic Polytechnic.