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Mother Tongue


Confident Deyians who embrace their own ethnic identity.


To develop and stretch students’ language competencies so that they will connect with their own cultural heritage and also appreciate the cultural diversities in Singapore.


1st row from left to right:
Mdm Arockianathan Gnanam, Mrs Lee-Tan Boon Jer, Mdm Chen Bi Jun April, Mdm Veerappan Letchimee, Mdm Siti Norashikin Bte Hassan

2nd row from left to right:
Miss Yu Rongrong, Miss Li Jingjin, Ms Jassika Murni Bte Jasni, , Mdm Jainul Ban Do Shahul Hameed 

3rd row from left to right:
Mr Lee Ing Chye, Mr Tan Je Wei, Miss Pua Jia Ying

4th row from left to right:
Mdm Siti Farhanah Binte Mohd Nasir, Miss Bertha Kwok

5th row from left to right:
Mr Chang Seow Kuen

MTL Department Key Programmes

MTL Fortnight

The Mother Tongue Language Fortnight aims to create an immersive environment for students in the learning and usage of the mother tongue languages as well as to show appreciation of the three different cultures.

Some of the key programmes and activities organised during the MTL Fortnight include:
  • Lunar New Year Celebration
  • MTL Language-related competitions such as Karaoke Competition, language and cultural quiz
  • MTL Language Song Dedication 
  • Chinese Tea Appreciation Workshop
  • Chinese Calligraphy Workshop
  • Traditional Chinese Medicine Workshop
  • Learning Journey to Tea Chapter
  • Learning Journey to Indian Heritage Centre
  • Learning Journey to Kampong Glam
  • African Students’ Visit 
  • Hari Raya Concert
  • Mid-Autumn Festival
  • Introduction to Jawi Calligraphy

These fun, meaningful and authentic learning experiences will help to deepen students’ understanding of MTL and appreciation of the different cultures.