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Physical Education

Play and Experience - Deyi PE.png


To teach and engage through Play. To develop skills and nurture character through Experience.


Confident and Active Lifelong Athletes of Character.


Play & Experience


1st row from left to right:
Mr Chia Seng Mui, Ms Lee Li Li Shirley, Mr Derek Lim Liang Hao

2nd row from left to right:
Mr Lee Uei Suen Wilson, Mr Chen Yizhou,  Mr Tan Hwi Kiat, Mr Tay Eng Leng

Department Philosophy

Our department believes that students can be engaged through Play and learn through Experience without Learning. Through playing, the department hopes to achieve 100% engagement from both students as well as staff. The department believes that if everyone finds it fun to engage in physical activities, there is a greater chance for all to pursue a healthy lifestyle beyond school. Through experiences in sports participation, students can develop enduring positive character traits and sportsmanship which will help them deal with future real-life situations that require dedication, diligence, determination, discipline, care and integrity.

PE Curriculum

Sports & Games Modules
  • Territorial-invasion games – basketball, football, frisbee, floorball, netball, touch-rugby
  • Net-barrier games – badminton, softball, tchoukball
  • Striking-fielding games – softball
  • Others - Physical Health & Fitness Module, Track & Field

Outdoor Education Module
  • Orienteering
  • Camp Craft
  • First Aid

Annual Sporting Events
  • Inter-class games
    - Sec 1 (Handball, Frisbee)
    - Sec 2 (Floorball, Volleyball)
    - Sec 3 (Futsal, Basketball)

  • Annual Track Meet (Term 1)
  • Annual ACES Day (Term 3)
  • Annual Sports Carnival (Term 4)