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Physical Education

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To teach and engage through Play. To develop skills and nurture character through Experience.


Confident and Active Lifelong Athletes of Character.


Play & Experience

Department Philosophy
Our department believes that students can be engaged through Play and learn through Experience without Learning. Through playing, the department hopes to achieve 100% engagement from both students as well as staff. The department believes that if everyone finds it fun to engage in physical activities, there is a greater chance for all to pursue a healthy lifestyle beyond school. Through experiences in sports participation, students can develop enduring positive character traits and sportsmanship which will help them deal with future real-life situations that require dedication, diligence, determination, discipline, care and integrity.

PE Curriculum

Sports & Games Modules:

  • Territorial-invasion games – basketball, football, frisbee, floorball, netball, touch-rugby
  • Net-barrier games – badminton, softball, tchoukball
  • Striking-fielding games – softball
  • Others - Physical Health & Fitness Module, Track & Field

Outdoor Education Module:
  • Orienteering
  • Camp Craft
  • First Aid

Annual Sporting Events:

  • Inter-class games
    • Sec 1 (Handball, Frisbee)
    • Sec 2 (Floorball, Volleyball)
    • Sec 3 (Futsal, Basketball)
  • Annual Track Meet (Term 1)
  • Annual ACES Day (Term 3)
  • Annual Sports Carnival (Term 4)