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Teaching & Learning Framework

In Deyi Secondary School, our AC3TIve Learning Framework (2016) guides the process of teaching and learning and is in tandem with the educational focus of promoting a student-centric values-driven holistic education, with the articulation of curricular outcomes to guide the development of these strategies.

AC3TIVE Learning Framework

AC3TIVE Learning Framework.jpg

Teaching & Learning Philosophy

The framework is premised on Prof David Jonanssen’s (1995, 2005, 2013) ICT research on the qualities of learning, and is tagged to the School’s Vision of “Active Learners”, translating in out own unique Deyi’s AC3TIVE Learning Framework.  The 7 core qualities of learning are as follows:

Core Qualities.JPG

These 7 qualities of learning are interconnected as indicated by the inter-connected lines, and crystallize into a solid inner core right in the center of the entire framework. This guides teachers in teaching and students in learning as it clearly conveys that learning is active, constructive, collaborative contextual, transferable, intentional, and reflective.

The circle representing the assessment of and for learning outlines the cycle of planning, support, evaluation and improvement towards our outcomes.

The important enablers form the cornerstones of our framework, namely, a Conducive Learning Environment, Competent Caring Staff, Efficient Resource and Information Management and Supportive Partnerships.

Finally, the square frame has as its fundamental foundation anchored upon the School Vision of “Active Learners, Gracious Citizens”, the School Mission of “inspiring Lives, Nurturing Talent, Realizing Dreams”, and the School Values IC4D  - Integrity, Care, Dedication, Diligence, Determination and Discipline.  The top border directs the outcome of the AC3TIVE Learning Framework –“ Every Deyian a Confident Person, a Self-Directed Learner”.