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Applied Learning Programme


Through a hands-on, inter-disciplinary (ECG/ICT-ALP/EL) project with the incorporation of the Mi-ké-Mθns, Sec 1 to 3 students are given the chance to be self-directed in exploring their potential career opportunities. For instance, students could engage with Foodie-Mθn and discover work prospects as a Chef or a Food Critic.

This project provided them with the chance to explore possible career opportunities for each of the 15 Mθns  (e.g., Lang-Mθn, IT-Mθn, Muscle-Mθn, Biz-Mθn). This not only allowed students to seek knowledge in the said fields (for instance medicine and science), it also gave them an insight into the range of career aspirations in the myriad of industries.

Samples of these multimodal artefacts created by the various students are available on thumbnails below.

104 Tiffany Ng (banner).jpg

104 Tiffany Ng
205 Ken (banner).jpg

205 Ken
205 Wei Lin (banner).jpg

205 Wei Lin
306 Jasleen (banner).jpg

306 Jasleen

306 Xin Lin (banner).jpg

306 Xin Lin
307 Ryan Aw (banner).jpg

307 Ryan Aw


In order to give our students a greater voice and to provide them with a range of platforms to articulate and communicate their ideas, students in the EL curriculum have shared their views and knowledge on various subjects.

These videos showcase various Sec 1 to 3 students sharing their interests on various subjects, ranging from Literature to Geography. Samples of these video artefacts are available on thumbnails below.







The Applied Learning Programme which commenced in 2016 is part of a broad-based programme involving several disciplines such as English Language and Information and Communication Technology. It also involves the Youth Social Entrepreneurship Programme. This structure aims to help students acquire a deeper engagement with the English language as well as a better understanding. Students will also evaluate the impact and influence of language in their lives.
This exciting programme introduces students to the basics of Broadcasting and Journalism, covering areas such as Evolution of Mass Communication and Media, Information Gathering, Writing and Presenting. It aims to develop and strengthen students’ language literacy and communication skills.
The Applied Learning Programme at Deyi is not only experiential but exploratory and empowering in nature. Students are provided with a safe environment to explore and experiment with their preferred media such as online or print publications, TV or Radio presentations.


Mi-ké-mθn is Deyi Secondary School’s gamification initiative in curriculum development which aims to promote the joy of learning. Subject-related Mi-ké-mθns are released weekly and sessions posed. Students embark on a hunt to search for these Mi-ké-mθns and respond to the questions are subject-specific and open-ended in nature. In order to respond to these questions, students would have to search for information and pen down their thoughts. They would then share their responses in class discussions thereafter to mike-it-up. Through these engaging learning experiences, students are able to hone their research skills and cultivate their active voices. This puts them in good stead to become future-ready, life-long learners who will thrive in the 21st century.

News Letter
As part of the Applied Learning Program, the class e-newsletter is an initiative to create a platform for our lower secondary students to reflect on some of the school events this year. These events include the level camp, track and field meet and some assembly talks. Students get to share what they see, feel, think and learn from the various events.

Read on and enjoy some of our students' work!