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Learning for Life Programme


At Deyi, Arts Education is an integral part of our students’ holistic development. With our mission “Arts Alive - Live, Work, Learn and Play with the Arts”, we seek to create a vibrant arts culture through programmes that will provide our students with opportunities to discover their interests and talents. It also aims to nurture our students’ character and groom them into gracious citizens of tomorrow while helping them develop their passion for the Arts.

Arts Education is the focus of Deyi’s Learning for Life Programme (LLP). Through the LLP, we cultivate a school experience that develops an appreciation of and expertise in the arts. To support the creative dreams of our students, we provide opportunities for them to showcase their diverse talents. This includes our Drama-in-Curriculum (DIC) for lower secondary students, Arts enrichment programmes, Arts Ambassador Programme and performance platforms such as Deyi’s Arts Fiesta, Arts Hour and Deyi’s got Talent.

Lower Secondary Drama-in-curriculum (DIC) - The Drama curriculum involves the stimulation and training of both cognitive and affective domains of a child. It not only gives the students the opportunity to look at issues critically, but also develops their socio-emotional skills which will prepare them for life beyond school.

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Arts Hour 

At Deyi, we believe that arts are an essential medium of expression. This year, we employed different platforms for our students to showcase their talents in our biennial event - Arts Hour. Students were first treated to thrilling live performances by our Deyi Band and Movement and Dance CCA. This is followed by a showcase of recorded performances and presentations by our Drama Club, Choir and Art Club, which allowed students in our arts CCAs to showcase their talents. The celebration of Arts Hour embodies the objectives of Deyi’s Arts Education.

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Deyi’s Got Talent (DGT)

Deyi’s Got Talent is a creative platform for Deyians to showcase their talents in different areas like dance, music, vocals and digital art. This year, we debuted a new category of performance whereby each class put together a show. In the individual and group categories, the contestants faced fierce competitions during the auditions and the finals. We are proud to see Deyians pursuing their passions and inspiring others to do the same as well.

Aesthetic Assembly Programme

Aesthetic Assembly Programme aims to provide students a broader perspective of traditional and contemporary arts practices, giving them the tools to sustain a lifelong pursuit of the arts. Students are equipped with knowledge and skills needed in their pursuit of educational and career pathways in the arts. This programme also aims to reinforce character building and promote exploration of post-secondary pathways by having real time connection with artists of various arts forms.

Arts Enrichment Programme 

The Learning for Life Programme seeks to provide students access to quality Arts Education. Deyians can engage and develop a keen sense of aesthetics and an appreciation for the arts. Equip themselves with knowledge and skills through the experience of traditional, cultural, and contemporary arts. (Sec 1-3 Dance Programme, Dance @Learning Festival, Music Around the World Programme, Elective Music for ABRSM, Elective Drama for Trinity Guildhall, Values-in-Art and Manga Mural Art Programme.)

Arts Ambassador Programme (AAP)

Arts Ambassador Programme is a platform to encourage students’ involvement in the Learning for Life Programme. Arts Ambassadors get to hone their leadership skills in school events like Deyi’s Got Talent as they are part of the planning and implementation of the event. They lead and collaborate meaningfully with their peers, creating a vibrant arts culture and bringing arts in Deyi to new heights.