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Student Leadership

Student Leadership

In Deyi, we believe that all students can lead. We have in place a rigourous Student Leadership Development programme that seeks to inculcate in every Deyian the knowledge, skills and values of a leader. Deyi adopts the Servant Leadership model in which we believe that to lead is to serve and the primary motivation to lead stems from the impetus to serve and contribute to the community. Our Student Leaders endeavour to be role models to their peers, are upright in character and are equipped with skills that enable them to contribute to the betterment of their lives and those around them.


Student Leadership Development Framework

Our Deyi Student Leadership Development Framework aims to develop every Deyian into confident leaders who contribute actively to the community. Deyi Student Leaders are encouraged to serve others while staying focused on achieving results that are in line with the School core values.


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The training programme is structured according to the Student Leadership Challenge Model by Jim Kouzes and Barry Posner. The 5 practices of exemplary leadership summarised as Embody, Encourage, Enable, Striving for Excellence and Envision capture the essence of the training principles towards student leadership development in Deyi.


Student Leadership Training Programme

Deyi Leadership Training Programme is a four-year programme spanning from Secondary 1 to Secondary 4.  Deyians will be trained in leadership knowledge and skills as well as providing them with opportunities to apply what they have learnt. The training programmes are designed to develop servant leadership attributes in line with our school values of Integrity, Care, Determination, Diligence, Dedication and Discipline.


There are two leadership training tracks in the Deyi Leadership Training Programme:

1.       Self Leadership To Serve.

2.       Team Leadership To Serve.

The Self Leadership To Serve programme targets all students from Secondary 1 to Secondary 4 and is integrated into the CCE2021 Curriculum, Level Camps and school-wide activities. It instills in our Deyians basic skills of leadership such as time management, relationship management, self-motivation and the awareness of the needs of their community.

The Team Leadership To Serve programme targets selected student leaders from Secondary 2 to Secondary 4. Leadership training is conducted through leadership camps and workshops. Students who display strong leadership potential and a willingness to serve in a wider context are selected by the teachers and given additional opportunities and platforms to serve and lead.


Student Leadership Opportunities

Deyi has designed and created multiple opportunities for all Deyians to develop their leadership qualities and skills. Various platforms are provided for students to initiate, organise and manage events as well as projects.

Student Council serves to support the school and its staff in school operations, school events and the implementation of school initiatives. They are charged with the responsibility to be the voice of the student body and acts as the bridge between the students and the school management. Student Councillors are chosen based on a set of stringent selection criteria. The President and Vice-President positions are selected by the Student Council through an election and interview process. The Student Council is headed by the President, assisted by a Vice-President and the departmental heads of the various working committees. They form the Student Council Executive Committee.


CCA Leaders lead their CCA groups in CCA programmes, competitions and initiatives. They include positions such as officers, executive committee members and sectional leaders. They assist their teachers in the running of the CCA and act as mentors to their juniors.

Programme Ambassadors lead by providing support for school-wide programme. They champion various initiatives in school. They are the Care Ambassador who play the role of a Peer Support Leader, National Education Ambassador, SERVE Ambassador, Cyber-wellness Ambassador, Health Ambassador, Safety Ambassador and the Green Ambassador.

Class Executive Committee leads the class in all school programmes and initiatives.  They include roles such as Chairperson, Vice-Chairperson, Secretary, Subject Representatives and AVA Representative.