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Cultural Immersion to Negeri Sembilan

18 Secondary Three students went on a Cultural Immersion Trip to Negeri Sembilan from 8 November to 11 November 2017. 

The students experienced first hand village life in Kampong Lonek, Bahau, where they were engaged in kampong activities such as fish-catching with their bare hands in the paddy field, rubber tapping, playing traditional kampong games and savouring authentic traditional Negeri Sembilan cuisines. The students also learnt about the unique Minangkabau culture and history through their visit to the Negeri Sembilan State Museum. 

It was an enriching learning experience for the students and they enjoyed themselves immensely. The trip was led was by Mdm Shahrulhana, Mr Tan Jin Poh and Mdm Siti Norashikin.

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Traditional way of eating in a kampong house.jpg
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