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Parent Support Group (PSG)

Dear Parents,   

We would like to reach out to each and every one of you during your child’s stay at Deyi Secondary School. Deyi PSG works closely with your child’s educators on a regular basis to help your children to acquire the right set of values and gain a positive attitude which will enable them to reach for their aspirations confidently.   

We will try to achieve this by:   

 •          Promoting collaboration and communication between the school, parents and students;  
 •          Supporting your children during school events and projects and contribute towards a holistic learning
 •          Getting to know and understand the school’s initiatives and plans for your children.   

 We urge you to show your support in as many school and PSG activities and events as possible. Every parent can look forward to:   

 •          Watch student performances in school;  
 •          Attend parenting talks, family bonding events, exchange ideas and network;   
 •          Volunteer to help out in PSG activities;   
 •          Join in the parent communication group by respective class;   
 •          View photos and videos of school events through the Deyi Secondary PSG facebook page.   

 With your involvement, your children will see how proud you are of them. At the same time, the bond between you and your child is strengthened when you  participate in the events and ‘play’ with them in a more relaxed environment, thereby bringing more smiles on to their teenage years.   

 Please fill in The Deyian Parent form and email it to deyisspsg@gmail.com so that you will receive invitations to the school and PSG activities and events.   

 We desire that you and your child have a memorable learning journey at Deyi Secondary School. 
And remember:  

 “Your children need your presence more than your presents,” 
                                                                                                               - Jesse Jackson    

 Thank you, 
 Deyi PSG Executive Committee

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