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School Management Committee


1st Row:

Mr Tan Hwi Kiat (HOD/ Physical Education & CCA), Mr Neo Say Chuan (HOD/ Character and Citizenship Education), Miss Ong Hui Chee (Vice-Principal), Mrs Lim Ai Poo (Principal), Mrs Tan Shao May (Vice-Principal), Mrs Cheam Lian Tee (Upper Secondary Year Head), Mr Lau Jeng Sang (HOD/ Science)

2nd Row:
Mdm Ho Su Hwei (SH/ Student Management), Mdm April Chen Bi Jun (HOD/ Mother Tongue Language), Ms Fong Meiyi (Asst Year Head/Lower Secondary), Ms Yuerong Cheryl Yeo (SH/English), Mrs Joanne Gan-Quek Li Yi (Asst Year Head/Upper Secondary), Miss Foo Toye June (HOD/ Student Well-being), Mdm Shahrulhana Bte Mohamed (HOD/ Humanities)

3rd Row:

Ms Geraldene Boey Yin Yee (SH/ Character and Citizenship Education), Ms Lim Eng Choo (SH/ Mathematics), Mrs Gan-Tan Yew Ping Patty (HOD/ School Staff Developer)

4th Row:
Mr Neo Gim Koon (SH/ ICT),  Mr Leong Wei Yuan (HOD/Mathematics), Mr Teng Chion Wee (SH/ Craft and Technology), Mr Freddy Goh Teck Seng (SH/ Geography), Mr Jay Loh Kar Wai (Lower Secondary Year Head)