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English Language


Learning how to learn.


To equip students with the necessary skills to help them cope with the ever-changing English Language demands and stay relevant in the 21 st Century.

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Front row from left to right (seated):
Ms Anita Set, Ms Charlene Chen, Ms Yuerong Cheryl Yeo, Mdm Chan Swee Yin Adeline, Ms Fong Mei Yi, 
Mrs Grace Foo,

Second row from left to right (standing):
Ms Lim Xiu Yun, Mrs Sharmiila Singh-Gruber, Ms Jaishree Joleyn (AED/English Language), Mrs Harmit Singh, Ms Gladys Wee, Ms Jocelyn Oh, Mr Timothy Ong

Third row from left to right (standing): 
Mr Clarence Gan Hsia Liang, Mr Daniel Pflug, Ms Harinder Kaur Dollie, Ms Melinda Chia, Ms Yvonne Pok (AED/English Language), Ms Tay Wan Ling, Mr Vinod Daswani (AED/LBS)